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2WS: ERP Solutions that Promise Excellence

Manufacturers, across all verticals today, are tasked with two things: meeting the market’s rapidly increasing demands and successfully adopting new technologies to improve overall workflow efficiencies. To help C-suite executives in the manufacturing realm actively adapt to the needs of the modern world, many organizations have developed ERP solutions that streamline inventory management, reduce data redundancy problems, and even improve customer retention rates. Among these enterprises, 2WS, a leading manufacturing solutions provider and Gold partner of global ERP giant, Infor, is taking charge in delivering comprehensive, end-to-end ERP software applications and tools for industries all over the world. In an interview with CIO Applications, Marcello Siliano, product management director of 2WS, discusses his company’s inception, growth, milestones, and its collaboration with Infor in delivering comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for organizations in the manufacturing industry.

Could you provide a brief overview of your company?

We are a mid-market company that distributes Infor’s ERP management system for discrete manufacturing applications. We cater to various verticals, including the aerospace, machinery, and automotive industries. To serve this growing community effectively, my team and I believe in the philosophy of chasing excellence, and thus, uphold the motto, ‘balance between strategic vision and pragmatism.’ With many in-house consultants possessing over 20 years of experience working with enterprise-wide software application development, the company tries to deliver a certain level of aspired, yet practical, ERP excellence to customers. With regard to the company’s collaboration with Infor, we enhance a user’s ERP experience through a strong foundation, provided by our software, with seamless integration for the CloudSuite Enterprise solution. The software offers a new generation of user experience and collaborative capabilities in the supply chain and shop floor management. And, to better support clients, we study workflows through an

Incremental development phase hich includes assessing the basics of their business, followed by the launch of a beta ERP system. Additionally, we support manufacturers with data migration and big data analytics to empower users with improved task management and scheduling capabilities as well. Referencing the data and results of the test, we build and implement our products around Infor’s solution with added perks such as extensive customer support and consulting services.

What are some of the challenges addressed by CloudSuite?

For our existing and new customers, problems and general needs revolve around implementing new processes and methodologies in cost control, workflows, and supply chain logistics. Additionally, small-medium businesses (SMB) today require best-in-class ERP systems in order to compete against Middle Eastern and Chinese markets, as organizations in those countries offer more cost-effective products, services, and solutions. CloudSuite serves as a backbone for businesses and effectuates a very high level of efficiency in product development and manufacturing processes. And, combined with 2WS’ in-house applications, client organizations can cut costs while driving an increasingly sustainable revenue stream.

What strategy does the company employ to deliver excellence?

At 2WS, we follow a very strict ‘be professional’ code of conduct and expect the same from our clients and external consultants as well. By enforcing a disciplined work culture, potential and existing customers understand that they can trust us with their businesses. Every organization wants to be on the top and competitive marketplace, and 2WS concentrates all its efforts to keep them afloat, efficient, and relevant. Being a reliable source of automated, enterprise-wide ERP systems is a number one priority. About 50 people are working at 2WS, and a majority of this workforce constitutes senior professionals with

extensive domain expertise. However, we have ensured to staff younger, fresher minds in the company, to create a different and spirited workplace environment.

How do your solutions and services help clients?

Could you cite a few cases? One of our clients wanted to improve the performance of their ERP systems for warehouse operators without experiencing any downtime. 2WS implemented an efficient barcode system where users could easily connect disparate devices to smartphones and tablets. This new management technique dramatically improved the efficiency of all warehouse employees on the shop floor. In another instance, a client wanted to migrate from an older version of ERP to the latest, world-class system, without changing the existing IT infrastructure. The aim here for us was to conduct a very comprehensive analytical study of the client’s business model and build a solution that helped implement new workflows and addressed all their business and functional needs. We were successful in empowering the client with exceptional ERP solutions while generating new revenue streams.

“Our recent track records have been excellent, and we intend to continue delivering best-in-class ERP solutions in the marketplace”

What does the future hold for your company?

Our recent track records have been excellent, and we intend to continue delivering best-in-class ERP solutions in the marketplace. As an organization founded only six years ago, the team at 2WS has come a long way and has helped many SMBs in its ERP software development journey. Our solutions, integrated with Infor’s CloudSuite, promise a new era of business efficiency for manufacturers across all verticals, and I anticipate a future that is quite interesting and good for 2WS and its people.

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