2WS participates as a sponsor at the upcoming Infor Innovations Day, the Infor event that will be held in Milan on June 20 and that will bring together customers, experts and partners to explore industry-specific technological solutions.

Modern manufacturers and retailers must operate amid geopolitical and macroeconomic turmoil, including high inflation and interest rates, supply chain disruptions and unprecedented resource challenges.

Faced with these challenges, forward-thinking companies are increasingly prioritising investments in cloud-based technologies that transform businesses, reduce costs, improve productivity, address demand variability, and drive sustainable growth.

The event is an opportunity to discover how industry players are embracing digital modernization, including intelligent manufacturing, digital supply chain, artificial intelligence and ML to automate processes, increase time-to-timevalue and meet customer needs and expectations.

We invite you to participate and share with us the latest Infor innovations, to meet for an interesting and profitable networking opportunity

Book your place now! See you on June 20